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West Orange Nephrology

Our purpose is to provide a full innovative spectrum of services in ever-increasing volume to patients with diseases that predispose them to kidney disease such as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, cystic kidney disorders in the Central Florida area and beyond. We do this to improve our patient’s quality of life by decreasing the need for hospitalization and medications. Ultimately giving patients the energy to spend quality time with loved ones partaking in the activities of their choosing they enjoy.
Dr. Awosika, an Internal Medicine and Nephrology physician and his staff welcome you and your entire family to West Orange Nephrology with convenient locations in Central Florida.


West Orange Nephrology is committed to providing compassionate and comprehensive care to our patients.
We offer expert care on the following areas:

Kidney Dialysis

Dialysis is a procedure that performs the functions of failed kidneys. 

Kidney Transplant

Kidney transplantation is an operation that places a healthy kidney in your body. 

Kidney Diseases

Most kidney diseases attack the nephrons, causing them to lose their filtering capacity.


Diabetes s a condition that affects the body’s ability to use blood sugar for energy resulting in high blood sugar. 


High blood pressure can damage the small blood vessels in the kidneys.

Weight Loss

Being overweight or obese increases your risk of developing hypertension, diabetes, and high blood cholesterol.

west orange nephology office

WHO WE ARESpread out across different locations all over Central Florida

We have this spider network of operations to be able to better serve you. You can use any of the branches at any time, once you are registered as a patient with us.


"The west orange nephrology office in Winter Garden. Is the best. They treat you and make you feel really good as soon as you come in the office. They also answer every question you have with your health. All the doctors in the West orange nephrology office treat you well. I highly recommend Dr. Awosika to anyone who has a problem with the kidneys. I am a patient of Dr. Awosika and he is the best doctor I have seen for my double kidney failure. Thank you West Orange Nephrology for being a friendly medical office"

Raquel O.

"I love being a patient of Dr. Awosika he’s great always addresses concerns. I wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world. I would highly recommend him to anyone! Thanks, doc you are the best! !!! The staff is great I love you guys."

"Dr. Banji Awosika is such a great doctor. He has helped both of my parents reduce their medications by simply changing their diet. My dad has been able to eliminate nine meds in less than 2 years and almost double his kidney function in the same time frame, thus avoiding dialysis. My mom has been able to eliminate kidney stones just with her diet and without an operation. The team at West Orange Nephrology is such a pleasure to work with and has been such a great asset in changing my parent’s lives. Thank you!!"

"I just finished my 4th appointment with Dr. Awosika today and another prescription drug has been reduced to half the daily amount! Also, within 3 months of following his diet and exercise directions, my GFR went from 44 up to 60! I know of others who’ve had such success. He and his staff are very professional, friendly, and easy to talk to. I highly recommend Dr. Awosika."

Douglas P.

"My back story is that I had a non-functional kidney for many years, which symptoms has been misdiagnosed as GI problems until I ended up in the ER with severe pain, and required emergent removal of that kidney. My experience with my previous Nephrologist was not the greatest, mostly because any time I would discuss my concerns about my kidney health, he simply said that I’m young and have nothing to worry about. A friend referred me to Dr. Awosika, and I have never been happier about her suggestion to see him. He always listens to my concerns, sends me for testing related to those concerns, and looks at my test results before saying everything is ok. He considers lifestyle changes before suggesting medication, if appropriate. I truly appreciate his dedication to patient care and would recommend him to any of my friends and family."

Kenia R.


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