Vasogram Technology: InterCare Vascular Diagnostic Care

The Vasogram Module in the InterCare Vascular Diagnostic Center provides a comprehensive system for measuring Atherosclerotic Burden, early detection of Coronary Arterial Disease, the potential of Stroke, and overall arterial health.
Atherosclerosis is a common form of arteriosclerosis in which fatty substances form a deposit of plaque on the inner lining of arterial walls. Arteries are composed of collagen, elastin, and smooth muscle and are under tension/stress in the normal physiologic state.

Current cardiovascular research has confirmed that heart attack, stroke, and most forms of peripheral vascular disease are caused by abnormalities in the arterial wall.
Vasogram is a new technology that has been developed that allows physicians to assess the status of the arterial wall. The test is rapid and painless and can be performed with no risk to the patient in our office. Vasogram is 90% Sensitive and 90% Specific in determining your risk for having a heart attack or stroke within 10 Years.


    Identifies heart disease states in the early stages and avoiding expensive and unnecessary tests.
    Earlier diagnosis of patients needing statins or other drug therapy for heart disease.
    Less costly alternative for disease management.
    Fulfills patient need to know and how to try to live longer.

Dr. Awosika will run diagnostic tests including blood and urine tests and kidney ultrasound on-site to determine your condition and the appropriate treatment.

Risk Factors for Heart Disease and Stroke People with heart disease have twice the risk of stroke as people with healthy hearts. Other risk factors include:

    High Blood Pressure
    High Cholesterol
    Diabetes Mellitus
    Smoking Cigarettes
    Illicit Drug Use
    Sickle-cell Anemia
    Family History of Stroke
    Age – After age 55, your chances of having a stroke more than doubles each decade!

Dr. Awosika has been able to reverse Arterial Plaque Disease, Hypertension / High Blood Pressure by means of diet and exercise.Dr. Awosika will run diagnostic tests including blood and urine tests and kidney ultrasound on-site to determine your condition and the appropriate treatment.Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss any aspect of your health. We can advise and consult with you on your nutrition, level of activity, and other things that can have an effect on your heart, blood pressure, and kidneys.


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Raquel O.

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Douglas P.

"My back story is that I had a non-functional kidney for many years, which symptoms has been misdiagnosed as GI problems until I ended up in the ER with severe pain, and required emergent removal of that kidney. My experience with my previous Nephrologist was not the greatest, mostly because any time I would discuss my concerns about my kidney health, he simply said that I’m young and have nothing to worry about. A friend referred me to Dr. Awosika, and I have never been happier about her suggestion to see him. He always listens to my concerns, sends me for testing related to those concerns, and looks at my test results before saying everything is ok. He considers lifestyle changes before suggesting medication, if appropriate. I truly appreciate his dedication to patient care and would recommend him to any of my friends and family."

Kenia R.